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You Guys Wanna Help Make a Pilot?

Posted by HarpyCarp - May 17th, 2021

Yo people, how ya doin?

My friend @TessierNCL and I have been working on an animated pilot for over a year now, it's a web-series called "Them Who Rule Mistside". It's gone through possibly way too many rewrites, redesigns, and much more, but we've finally came up with a version we truly like and now we are trying our best to finish this project before 2022.

The pilot will follow Brock, Derek and Alycia as they're screwed by their adolescence. we want to tell a story that anyone who is or was a teen can relate to, as well as something that makes older people wanna look back, as it's something that everyone goes through once in their life. It's a story about us. It's a story about everyone.

We just are some idiot kids who decided to bring this to life, and whether it does well or not, we want to be able to tell this story and offer an opportunity for people to get to use their skills for something big.

The final draft script has been written, we've finished the storyboards, the characters have been designed and cast, and now we're finally moving forward to the animatics along with the props and backgrounds designs.

That's where you'd come in. We are seeking more people who are willing to help us and our team, we need Animators, Background Artists, Prop Designers and Concept Artists. If you're interested go ahead and fill out this form:


Also feel free to ask Nick or I questions or say anything else via Newground's PM system or my Discord Tag (@HarpyCarp#8663) And uh ye that's pretty much all. Thanks, my guys. Here's some art.

[DISCLAIMER: Nobody's making profit from this. Neither am I. Neither would you.]





Comments (6)

Yo that's the guy from the oculus ad

I like the idea, best of luck working on it!

Aw hell YES! The sequel to CTRL-ALT-DELETE that everyone's been looking for! I hope you make every panel a variation of loss. You have to be esoteric as well as subtle with making these, as they're an art.

In all seriousness this looks rather interesting. I'd been willing to pitch a few ideas.

I'm not to good at animation but I can help with art

Aw Hell yeah. Just one question. Will it be a collab type thing?

Not exactly; It's a collaborative process, but its means of production will be much different from say a reanimation collab.

@RipCatcha @HarpyCarp Oh ok.